Our Next Adventure as Skoolie Freshmen

Hello everyone!  Welcome to our Tippy Trips Blog!  To learn more about our next life changing adventure and why we have decided to do this, keep reading!

David and I have decided to buy a school bus, convert it into a tiny house, and travel in it across the country for about a year (or as long God intends).  SAY WHAT?!  That’s right! We are for real!

Sounds crazy right?!  That’s why I wanted to spell it all out for you so that you can get a better understanding of what it is we will be doing and why!

First of all, we are confident that this is what God is calling us to do.  We have received so much confirmation from God over the past several weeks of us praying about this.  The first, and most straight forward confirmation took place the day we started talking about this idea.  That night, we sat down to read our daily devotional and the first line read, “we sold everything we owned and took off a year to travel”.  That was SUPER direct!

We have received so much confirmation as well through family members and friends who did not even know about our plans.  God has also provided us with the money we need to start our project and He has also closed the door for us to buy a house at this time.

There have been countless forms of confirmation, but the thing that stands out most is that this was initially MY (Dani’s) idea.  This is coming from a girl who does not enjoy traveling (at least the driving part), does not like being in small spaces, really has to be pushed to try new things, and is not usually spontaneous.  Well, this is an idea I would have NEVER come up with on my own!  So for that reason, I know it was the Lord.

As a couple, we decided that in order to do something this extreme, we need to have a mission.  We broke it down into several parts as we have personal goals, spiritual goals, and goals for others.

Our Adventure Mission:


Spend more time together as a couple– Ever since we got married in August 2017, we have had a very limited amount of time to spend together.  With both of us working full time jobs and also being full time college students, we have not truly been able to experience “normal married life”.  We have learned to work through these challenges, but we are looking forward to spending much more time together exploring our country.

Find ourselves and learn our passions— We are still so young and are unsure of the things we want to accomplish in life.  By exploring the USA and meeting many different people and going to many different places, we believe we will have a much better vision for our passions and goals in life.

Explore the USA— We know there are so many places and things that we have not yet seen right in our own country.  David and I want to explore God’s creation and enjoy the beauty of our country throughout our Skoolie adventure.


Minister to Others- We are praying that through our journey, we will have the opportunity to minister to others and share the love of God with those we meet along the way.  We want to encourage others to enjoy the little things and focus on what is truly important in life.  Our mission is to fully rely on God for our guidance through our adventure and we pray that this inspires others to do the same.

Vlog/Blog to help others who want to do this too— We will be documenting our journey from start to finish to help others who want to do the same thing.  It is also our goal to share our adventure with others!


 Worship God through nature—We both feel connected to God and love to worship Him through nature.  In our premarital counseling, we went through a study book called Saving your Marriage Before it Starts by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott.  In this book there was an activity teaching about the different ways people worship God.  Little did we know, both David and I (Dani) love to worship God through nature- His creation.  Some of our favorite things to do together include being outdoors admiring the Lord’s masterpiece.

Be content with what we have and what God has given us—Through this process, we will be practicing minimalism and learn what it is like to have little.  We are confident that God will provide for us as we are following His will for our lives.  I believe that having less “stuff” will help us to be thankful for what we have and be content with what the Lord has given us.

Use the Gifts God has given us—David has always had a dream to build a tiny house.  Many may not know that David actually started his degree as an Architecture major.  This has always been something he has been interested in and passionate about!  He is excited to use his skills to do our Skoolie conversion!

As for me (Dani), I will have a greater opportunity to write through this blog which is something that I truly enjoy.  We will also be taking videos on our journey and editing them together for our vlog.  We are excited to have this opportunity to be creative!

Our careers

We also plan to continue working while on our journey, but as you may have guessed, this will look different than our current positions.  We will both need remote jobs to accommodate our new lifestyle.

I will still be an active Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone sharing professional grade makeup and natural skin care products with the world.  I am so blessed to be in a position where I can run my business from my phone, no matter where I am!  You can check out my business website at www.thebeautywife.com and subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE!

I may also take on a position as a freelance writer or even an online teacher.  Still waiting on the Lord for that!  David also plans to do some freelance work as a software engineer.  This will give us the flexibility to work when and where we can!

What we are excited about

We are so excited to build our OWN tiny house!!!  As I stated earlier, David has dreamed of building a tiny house for as long as I have known him!  He is so excited for this dream to come to fruition.  We are also excited to travel around the country and truly enjoy the beauty of God’s creation together.

All throughout our dating relationship, we loved going to the beach at night and watching all of the shooting stars.  We had some of our deepest, most Spiritual conversations during that time admiring the works of God.  We are so looking forward to all of God’s beautiful creations that we will now have the opportunity to admire.

Most of all, we want to show others what is truly important.  In our culture, we are trained to believe that what is most important in life is work, money, and things!  We feel called to debunk this myth and live our lives with intention; more specifically the purpose of living each day with the intention of honoring God and enjoying the little things.  We know that the Lord is calling us to do this and though it may seem strange to others, we know that God has a plan much bigger than we could imagine.  For this reason, we are taking a leap of faith and committing to trusting God with our upcoming adventure.  We are going to be pursuing our passions together and striving to glorify God in every aspect of our journey.  We are excited to be taking this leap of faith and whole heartedly trusting God in ways we had never imagined.

we want to take you with us

We are looking forward to bringing you along with us on our Tippy Trips and we pray that you feel inspired, encouraged, and blessed by the journey we are going to embark on!  To keep up with us, subscribe to our YouTube Channel “Tippy Trips”!  We love you all and we are so looking forward to seeing all that God is going to do through this new adventure!

David and Dani Tippett

Tippy Trips


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