Camping in Virginia Beach- Our First Day of “Skoolie”

David and I have been given the advice to test out “bus life” before we actually take the plunge.  I for one, had never even been camping and neither one of us had lived in a tiny space!     So we started researching different options to give ourselves a trial run to make sure this is really something that we would enjoy.

We looked for Skoolie rentals, and while there are a few that are rented out as Air BnB’s, they were much too far out of the way for a weekend adventure.  We also discovered that you have to be 25 or older in order to rent an RV of any kind, so that was out.  We explored other options like renting a tiny house in the Blue Ridge Mountains and other parts of Virginia, but then we found it!

We discovered a trailer that had been converted into a tiny house in Norfolk.  Its owners and creators, Natasha and Barry, rent it out as an Air Bnb.  They kindly delivered it to the campground of our choice, First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, so that we could have an experience somewhat similar to what we imagine bus life will be like.

Altogether, the trailer was about 20 feet long.  It was similar to a small studio apartment which included a full sized bed, television, kitchen with a mini fridge, toaster oven, and sink, along with a full bathroom.

There were a few things that were not completely comparable to our bus, but gave us an experience as a “worst case scenario” situation.  Our bus will have a full kitchen with a stove included so that we can cook inside.  On our camping trip, we cooked on the fire pit outside.  This was a fun experience, but it will be nice to have the option to cook indoors as it rained both days we were there!

In addition, the trailer had a regular working toilet; however, this toilet does not function unless it is hooked up to sewage, which was not an option at this campground.  For this reason, we had to walk to the campsite bathroom any time we had to “go”.  In our Skoolie, we will have a composting toilet so that we can use it anywhere we are!

There was also a wonderful full sized shower/bathtub, but the hot water heater had not been installed yet, so we did not take showers!  We smelled WONDERFUL!  Like bugspray, sweat, and smoke!

We both thoroughly enjoyed our camping, or as some would say “glamping”, trip.  We went for walks along the Chesapeake Bay, explored the campground, cooked over the fire, hung out in our hammock, and had lots of talks about our Skoolie ideas.

This trip has confirmed for us that this is something that we really want to do! And we know that we CAN do it!

Check out our Vlog to see all that we did on our trip including a tour of the tiny house trailer we stayed in HERE!

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Dani and David Tippett

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Check out the Air BnB we stayed in HERE!

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